Creating the Best First Impression

Dated: 08/26/2019

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They say first impressions are important, but in real estate, they are truly a deal-breaker. 


In fact, one might argue that there are no second impressions in real estate. Showings are often a love-hate scenario, where potential buyers who fall into the latter category, don’t come back for more. 


As first impressions are so crucial and are simply impossible to undo, follow these tips to making the best first impression on your potential home buyer: 


Boost Your Curbside Appeal

First impressions begin from the exterior. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. What is the first thing you notice when you are looking at a home? If you were to buy your home, what would you expect? 


To make your home as attractive as possible, remove any fallen tree limbs or leaves, trim your grass and hedges, freshen up your flower beds, and brighten your doorstep with a welcome mat. 


Remove Clutter and Junk


Decluttering is your first priority. The main goal for a showing is to allow potential buyers to envision themselves in your hope. They won’t be able to do this if there is clutter everywhere, and each and every room is littered with your personal belongings. 


Fix-up Everything!


No potential buyer wants to inherit a series of minor tasks to fix in their new home. Thus, make sure there aren’t any leaks, repair all lose handles and hinges, replace all light bulbs, and ensure there is caulk around tubs and sinks. These small changes may seem minor to you, but may actually make or break in terms of making a positive first impression. 

Keep-Up Appearances

Unless you’re selling your home in a red-hot market, your listing may stay on the market for quite some time. This means that you have to ensure that your home continues to create the best first impression for weeks, not just in its initial days of being listed. 

Other things to consider may be a small renovation, such as changing cabinetry and countertops, a fresh paint job, amongst others. You also want to ensure that your home is appealing in every way, to every sense. This means not only making your home look good, but smell nice, and sound peaceful with welcoming music. All of these factors, although minor, collectively can make the difference between a buyer walking away, or closing the deal. 

Remember, the effort you put in will pay off - when your buyer is so blown away by their first impression of your home that they make you an offer you can’t refuse. 

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