3 Ways to Modernize a Split-Level Home

Dated: 07/24/2019

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Split-level homes were the hottest thing in the 1960s, 70’s and 80’s, but now that it is 2019 your split-level home may need an update.

The good news is that you don’t need to empty your pockets to give your home a new look. There are three primary changes that you can do to turn your split-level home into a modern abode!

1.     Choose New Siding

The exterior of split-level homes is widely known for their 70’s vibe of T1-11 siding. These plywood sheets with vertical grooves spaced 8 inches apart) is standard on the upper levels, whereas the upper floors tend to be cantilevered out over the structural walls below. The T1-11 siding stands out among modern houses because modern homes often have a smooth look or use some natural stone.

Modern homes tend to have two exterior surface types. The main surface is usually a smooth and clean look—which is often achieved through stucco. Luckily, stucco is not very difficult to place over many existing exterior siding products, such as T1-11.

The second exterior wall surface, which is easy to do and looks great, is using some natural stone. A split-level home can look modern instantly by taking a contrasting approach between smooth walls and natural stone texture. Split-level homes already have the structural breaks that make this kind of mix look modern!

2.     Swap Out the Windows

Split-level homes are also known for their single-hung window. These beauties feature bottom panes that slide up to open the windows. Many split-level homes with these kinds of windows are Colonial style, meaning that they feature grids that divide the window into 12 or more small “lites,” rather than larger panes of glass.

Modern homes feature large windows that are not divided into smaller lites. Casement windows (which include cranks and swing out to open) are a great alternative to modernizing your home. Additionally, horizontal sliders and fixed glass windows can also provide a more modern look. However, fixed glass windows won’t work for bedrooms that require an emergency escape and ventilation.

3.     Change the Roof

The roof is something that is often overlooked, but yet it is a significant aspect of a home’s curb appeal. Split-level homes often need colour and material change for the house to look more modern. It is essential to know that some roof colours won’t work with a contemporary design. However, we often recommend using dark colours with a shingle roof. We also recommend switching to a standing seam metal roof as this usually works well with the split-level architecture.

If these changes sound like too much work for you, we would be happy to help you find your dream home. Contact us today to learn how you can list for as low as 2.75% total commission! We’re the feel-good, family brokerage and one of our friendly team members love to work with you today!

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