5 Ways To Make A Room Feel Bigger

Dated: 03/28/2019

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Let’s face it, not all small rooms feel ‘cozy’. In fact, small rooms are often awkward to fill and get neglected. Whether you are using a side room, have an intimate living room, or a quiet reading nook - every room matters. Say goodbye to ignoring space and start using it!

Here are five easy ways to make your room feel bigger.

Avoid Big Furniture

Have you ever gone to the store and fallen in love with a couch only to realize that it does not fit? Before you make a furniture purchase, measure the size of your room. Bring a tape measure to the store and find furniture that fits your room (not a room that fits your furniture...especially when buying a home). It’s not always a deal breaker if a room is small, any size room can look incredible. Try looking at a loveseat sofa or two large chairs instead of a couch. These are great alternatives to keeping the space movable while also comfortable.

Get Rid of the Clutter

It’s easy to start pilling items in rooms but it is especially important not to clutter small rooms. The space is already limited so a clean and simple look will go a long way. If storage is a necessity, try wooden baskets or a built in shelf. Shelves tend to bring the eye up and give an illusion that the room is bigger than it is. Lastly, try finding only a small number of coffee table books that flow with your rooms design. Having too much in one space, can be overwhelming.

Highlight Windows

Window treatments are often forgotten but can easily pull a room together. Small rooms may not have a large window but why not make it look like it? Floor to ceiling sheer curtains can easily create the look of a large window (by slightly hanging the curtain rod above the height of the window).

Hang Items on the Wall

Just because it is a small room does not mean that you should not focus on accents or add pops of colour. Hanging paintings higher up on walls will make a significant difference and make the room feel cheerful. Of course, when thinking of items for the wall, make sure that they are not overly large because this will have the opposite effect of a 'spacious' look. An example of something to hang on a wall is a Mirror. Mirrors are a good option as they reflect the space and often make rooms feel larger.

Lighten the Wall Colour

Light neutrals are wall colours that seem to never go out of style. They make a room feel fresh, open and airy (great when selling a home). You can also pick coloured accent items or textured furniture without a worry. Most importantly, a neutral colour will make a room feel inviting. Light wall colours are a great way to incorporate natural features into a space such as greenery. Neutral colours will also allow the greenery to stand out and be a focal feature.

Make use out of your awkward space. Not only will it allow you to make the most out of each room but it will be helpful if you are trying to sell.

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