Busting Some Common Misconceptions About REALTORS ®

Dated: 02/06/2019

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Picking a realtor to sell or buy your new home should not be a decision that is taken lightly! Learn the facts and bust the myths about realtors so that you can have a seamless and stress-free experience when you are ready to buy or sell a home.

Below are three common misconceptions about realtors that you MUST know before you start the buying or selling process.

1. Once you select your realtor, you are trapped with them!

Bust: This is not always the case, if things aren't working out, it's conceivable to ask your realtor or the brokerage manager to discharge you from the deal early. Sometimes, however, the listing or buyer agency agreement has a time period listed usually between 3-6 months. However, the informed customer can limit it to 30 days or have them insert a clause for cancellation. Review your contract if you have already signed one, if you haven’t yet entered one, remember you have power-- and it’s your duty to enforce it.

2. My “Not So Good” Realtor gets to take home the whole 6% Commission!

Bust: Important to know the brokerage commission isn’t permanent, and sellers can occasionally negotiate it! However, remember sellers pay the commission. It is then split between the two realtors involved and their brokerages.

It is important to go to a realtor like PC275 where you can split a commission as low as 2.75%. Oftentimes, realtors do not put in much effort to sell a home-- at PC275 you’re getting great value, you are saving more of your hard earned money and working with a realtor who is passionate about selling your home. Our motto says it all, “Real service. Great Price. Feel Good”

3. All Agents are Equal

Bust: First, you should always do research, and should never settle with your first pick. The correct realtor can spare you time and cash, keep you out of problems and shield you. Local agents often have a leg up on upcoming deals and past transactions that can’t be explained by looking at data online. An out of town agent often needs their GPS to get around and doesn’t know community details or local news that you may need to know when purchasing a home.

Research is so imperative when looking to buy or sell your forever home. Some agents aren't straightforward and may be more keen on making a deal. You must find someone who aligns with your values and will be able to find you a home that you can afford and love.

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